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Welcome to the Circle. We are here to honor and nurture the Sacred in ourselves, each other, and all of Creation.

Celebration Circle is an inclusive, multi-faith community with a creative approach to spirituality.

We come from a variety of faith traditions and honor our diversity, choosing to focus on our oneness through creative arts, music, meditation, and sacred ritual.

Founded in 1992, we are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit offering celebrations and events in order to foster an experiential approach to spiritual understanding.

Join us in affirmation that WE ARE ONE!
All are welcome; we have no membership rules.


11 am
LIVE on Facebook and in-person at Woodlawn Pointe Auditorium, 702 Donaldson 78201 (across from Jefferson High School in San Antonio's Deco District), we gather to remind each other of who we truly are, and who we are capable of becoming, both individually and collectively.

Celebration Circle SundayCIRCLE gathering in October 2022

Since 2004, our signature annual fundraiser is an altar auction where local artists create "nicho" or "home-sized altars" out of their medium of choice. Each year the shape changes to highlight the individual creativity of each artist. To participate or learn more, please join our mailing list. 

Gallery display of past altars

Circle friends meet in small groups to pursue their creativity and other interests, including: 

  • 1st Sundays
    on Zoom @ 10 am

  • 3rd Sundays
    in-person @ 10 am

  • As scheduled: PrayerFLAGS
    with UPC 

  • MeditationCIRCLE, WritersCIRCLE, and LearningCIRCLE are on pause. 

Small Group in Action: ArtistsCIRCLE at prayer flags

Does Celebration Circle feed your spiritual life?

​We have various ways you can support our growing, interfaith community which provides a spiritual experience that transcends traditional religious ceremony and honors the wisdom of all the great spiritual teachings.

Hands giving a gift

A Spirited Festival of Nature, Music, Poetry, Storytelling, Hands-on Art, Yoga, and Dance in Celebration of World Water Day

All ages and abilities are encouraged to experience the inspiration of nature intertwined with music, poetry, dance, drumming, yoga, hands-on art activities, in the midst of the natural wonderland of the San Antonio River at Confluence Park.


We have no membership rolls or dues, just a family of like-minded individuals ready for connection.

 Celebration Circle came to me as a reminder that
all shall be well. 
Alexis Bierman
The community, the wide variety of speakers and ideas, the music, and
the simple rituals all
serve me well. 

Chuck Squier
[Circle fulfills my] desire
to connect and collaborate with others who are mindful in embracing
joy, peace, acceptance, and love.

Maria Garza 
Don Mathis presents a poem


All of us – including you - have something valuable to contribute to the co-creation and narration our creative approach to spirituality!


Gather Together

We gather to remind ourselves and each other of who we truly are  – and who we are capable of becoming.

All of us – including you - have something valuable to contribute to the co-creation and narration of this exciting New Story! 

Writing a New Story

We believe there is a powerful New Story being born in the midst of our dominant culture. It’s an amazing story of love, peace, sustainability and inter-connection. We choose to nurture this by incorporating our personal insights with those offered by the major faiths and wisdom traditions: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Taoist, and Pagan, as well as contemporary science, psychology,  and the Recovery Movement.

Sacred Art

 We gather to experience our deep connections to ourselves, each other and the Web of Life through creative and co-creative expressions of spirituality. Our gatherings take a variety of forms, but share a common goal: to foster the process of conscious evolution through the sacred arts.


Seven Stages of Sacred Ritual FREE download

Recent Celebration Circle Event Highlights


We've collected meditations, video clips, recommended reading and more resources for your journey.

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