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Does Celebration Circle feed your spiritual life?  

Scroll down to see ways you can support our growing, interfaith community which provides a spiritual experience that transcends traditional religious ceremony and honors the wisdom of all the great spiritual teachings.

We thank you for supporting the Celebration Circle with your time, talent and treasure!



Give a weekly or monthly gift -- automate it for your ease of mind and ours. Become a partner in sustaining the Circle's financial energy for 365 days of the year, 52 weeks, 12 months of the year. Your intentional giving makes it possible to provide our community with inspirational events and services.

Dear Celebration Circle Friends-
I was so touched and affirmed by your note and gift to ISAA. It takes all of us to move the world toward justice, thank you for following the spirit with your hearts, hands and minds! 

Past Donations Include:

  • Interfaith San Antonio Alliance (ISAA)

  • Interfaith Welcome Coalition

  • Slumber Falls Camp & Retreat Center

  • Inner City Development Center

  • Center For Refugee Services

Our Tithing Practice

Each fiscal quarter, we tithe (consciously reserve and gift) a portion of Celebration Circle’s income to another individual or nonprofit organization that has fed the Circle’s spiritual growth. 


This tithe represents our trust in Spirit as the Source of our prosperity and our participation in the free flow of abundance in our community. 


It is also an expression of gratitude to the person or organization which has provided spiritual nurturing and growth for Celebration Circle. As with most decisions we make, the Council of Stewards decides on the recipient(s) of our quarterly tithes through consensus. 

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