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Map to Confluence Park.CreativityConfluence.png

Explore critters of the night, including ones that glow in the dark!

This event is free and open to all-ages.

Bring a water bottle + chair to enjoy our stage events.


Limited parking is available in the Confluence Park parking lot (we will create expanded handicap spots in this lot) as well as some on-street parking.

  • Additional parking is offered at the Bread of Life Christian Center, 317 W. Mitchell (across the street from the event)​

  • We have secured SaGO Electric Micro Transit to help shuttle guests from a farther lot at the Frank M. Tejada Jr. Juvenile Justice Center (235 E Mitchell St)

  • Further parking is available across the river at Concepcion Park (500 Theo Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78210), a short walk on the Riverwalk to Confluence Park.

Please consider public transportation, carpooling, or ridesharing when possible! 

  • WHY: 

COCHINEALA COMPONENTS (1920 x 1080 px).png

Sounds of Nature Stage



Honoring The Four Directions

Co-Founder of Celebration Circle Rudi Harst honors the creative elements around and inside us. 

Rudi + the Rudiments 05-02-21_2.jpeg


Music for Dancing

Join Rudi Harst + The Rudiments for an entertaining set of authentic songs with encouragement to dance!

Drum Circle.jpg


Drum Circle

Join us in a rhythmic experience with special inspiration from the Mystical Goddess Belly Dancers.



Lights In Play

URBAN-15 Performance Ensemble: Lights In Play

Emma Ortega.png



Storytelling with Emma Ortega: Learning from Our Nocturnal Animal Relatives



Event Ends


Discover the wonders of water in our own San Antonio River and around the world.


Find the answer to water facts in honor of World Water Day 2024 throughout the park!


Hands-On Artists and Partners

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 2.40_edited.png
 Creatures of the Night with Wild Mobile Zoo

Explore nocturnal creatures and bioluminescent scorpions with Once In a Wild Mobile Zoo.

Rainbow Bubbles

Use bubble wands to create giant bubbles.

Mushroom Art 

Create mushroom art with Platicas de Santa Sofia

Plant a Pot 

Watch what happens as you set up the soil to transform a seed into plant and learn how to make glowing plants with the South Texas Garden Volunteers.


Screenprint on your own textile (or purchase a T-shirt, bandana, or apron) with Big State Printing. Custom design by Hilary Rochow. 

-Event T-shirt $15

-Glow-in-the-dark bandana $15

-Bandana $10

-Apron $10

-BYO $5

Seeing Red: Painting with Cochineal

Learn how a scale insect makes the natural dye known as carmine and create a painting with local indigenous artistan, Red Rojas.

Night Wing Watch

The night sky reveals the enchanting world of nocturnal creatures, including mesmerizing moths and other mysterious beings.

Fantastic Fungi

Take the mushroom trail from the river or walk past the restrooms to explore the fascinating world of fungi.

Watercolor Bookmarks

Explore the impact of watercolor paint on a take-away bookmark with the Blue Star Arts Collective.

Glow In The Dark Face/Body Paint 

Glow in the Dark yourself with special face/body paint from FaceCake Vanessa Ytuarte.

Blackout Poetry with 
Don Mathis and Maria Garza

Work with words on the page and a black marker to discover a “hidden” poem. You can even sign up to read one of your poems during a stage break.

Anglerfish Mural with Cassidy Fritts 

Dive into creativity at our interactive chalk coloring book--add flora and fauna surrounding our majestic glow-in-the-dark angler fish. 

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 2.36_edited.png
Mini Altars

Celebrate what is special to you by upcycling a small tin with artists from Celebration Circle

Friendship Rocks

Forage for glowing rocks and paint a luminescent rock for yourself or a friend with Latino Outdoors.

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 3.55.28 PM.png

Yum Yum!

Food vendors including

Shell's Sweet Treats Food Truck will be on-site to feed your belly! 

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 3.55.19 PM.png

Finale Info

URBAN-15 Performance Ensemble offers a world-premiere of Lights In Play, incorporating dance, music, video projections and mirrors along with 16 dancers and drummers who move in and surround the audience spaces.

Choreographed by Artistic Director Catherine Cisneros, the performance features an ambient percussion and electronic soundscape by composer, George Cisneros. The choreography allows the dancers to manipulate circular mirrors that reflect the digital images of light-emitting creatures projected into the dome of the Confluence Park’s brilliant architecture and onto the dance floor.

For more information onURBAN-15:

Event Sponsors

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 1.04_edited.jpg


  • Host Sponsor: San Antonio River Foundation

  • Organizing Sponsor: Celebration Circle

  • Water + Volunteer Sponsor: Texas Water Mission

  • Funding Sponsor: City of San Antonio, Department of Arts and Culture


HOST SPONSOR: San Antonio River Foundation 

The San Antonio River Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, enhance, and transform the San Antonio River Basin as a vibrant cultural, educational, ecological, and recreational experience. Learn more here:

  • Facebook and Instagram: @sariverfoundation 

  • Twitter: @sariverfound

ORGANIZING SPONSOR: Celebration Circle

Celebration Circle is a inclusive, multi-faith community with a creative approach to spirituality. We come from a variety of faith traditions and honor our diversity, while choosing to focus on our oneness through the creative arts, music, meditation and sacred ritual. Founded in 1992, we are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit offering celebrations and events in order to foster an experiential approach to spiritual understanding. Join us in affirmation that WE ARE ONE! All are welcome, we have no membership rules or requirements. Visit us at

  • Facebook and Instagram: @celebrationcircle



Texas Water Mission (TWM) is a locally based nonprofit that works to provide water security for communities in need, primarily in Honduras and the Navajo Nation. TWM celebrates World Water Day at Confluence Park to increase awareness of the world water crisis and actions we all can take to conserve this precious resource and help those in need get access to safe drinking water.

  • Facebook @water4communities

  • Instagram: @texaswatermission

  • YouTube: @TexasWaterMission


FUNDING SPONSOR: City of San Antonio, Department of Arts and Culture

The City of San Antonio is funding the encouragement, promotion, improvement, application and exhibition of the arts, to support local artists and tourism activity. Learn more here:

  • Facebook and Instagram: @GetCreativeSA

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