What We Believe
Celebration Circle is an inclusive, multi-faith community with a creative approach to spirituality. We gather to honor and nurture the Sacred in ourselves, each other and all Creation.


Sunday Circle


1518 South Alamo Street

San Antonio, TX 78204


Meditation Circle

Quaker Meetinghouse

7052 N. Vandiver (at Eisenhauer)

San Antonio, 78209



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  • We gather to remind ourselves and each other of who we truly are  – and who we are capable of becoming.

  • We believe there is a powerful New Story being born in the midst of our dominant culture. It’s an amazing story of love, peace, sustainability and inter-connection. We choose to nurture this Story by incorporating our personal insights with those offered by the major faiths and wisdom traditions: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Taoist, and Pagan, as well as contemporary science, psychology,  and the Recovery Movement.

  •  We gather to experience our deep connections to ourselves, each other and the Web of Life through creative and co-creative expressions of spirituality. Our gatherings take a variety of forms, but share a common goal: to foster the process of conscious evolution through the sacred arts.

  • All of us – including you - have something valuable to contribute to the co-creation and narration of this exciting New Story! 


Small groups of people can do great things not because their minds are together but because their spirits are together, their ideas are together,

their hearts are together.    ~ Keshavan Nair

     Zet Baer is an artist, dancer, event producer and creative director who loves the challenge of working in a variety of media and venues. Her compassion for people, her love of nature and her commitment to living holistically have all brought her to a life of supporting others in expressing the truth of who they are.

     Zet co-founded the Celebration Circle in 1992, with her husband, Rudi Harst. Together they are deeply committed to the process of building community through creative expression. This is best expressed in the way they have supported their son, Mateo, as he has grown into a compassionate and loving man.

     Zet has explored a wide range of avenues taking her from teaching in Texas secondary schools to facilitating personal growth seminars in the U.S and Canada; from directing productions at Jump-Start Performance Co. to developing exhibits for the San Antonio Children's Museum; from teaching paper-making at the Southwest School of Art to managing the Whole Life Expo holistic health fairs around the U.S.; from Nia White Belt training to certified JourneyDance guide; from planning the San Antonio premiere of a major motion picture to teaching children modes of artistic expression.

     In addition to her duties as Creative Director of the Celebration Circle since the formation of the organization, Zet served as Manager of the King William Fair for 10 years and continues to consult there. Her B.A. degree from the University of Texas at Austin has been supplemented by numerous art courses over the years. Her interest in life-long learning and the sustainability of nonprofits has brought her through several areas of professional training. Zet is a Certified Festival and Event Executive through the International Festival and Events Association, she obtained the Nonprofit Management Certification from Our Lady of the Lake University and the Social Media Communications Certification for Nonprofit Organizations from the H-E-B School of Business and Administration at the University of the Incarnate Word through her work with the San Antonio Area Foundation. In 2017 the Texas Festivals & Events Association awarded her the Carson T. Watt Professional of the Year at their annual conference. Zet is also a Certified Tourism Ambassador and a World Heritage Ambassador who loves to share the heart and soul of beautiful San Antonio with others.

Zet Baer,


Creative Director​


     Celebration Circle began on January 19, 1992 when Rudi Harst, Zet Baer and a few like minded friends gathered at the Harbor, a small building on the outskirts of Brackenridge Park, in San Antonio, Texas. The people who gathered that Sunday morning came from a variety of faith traditions, but shared a common longing to create new expressions of spiritual understanding. The group continued to meet weekly, and Celebration Circle received official recognition of 501(c)(3) tax exempt status on March 24, 1997.​

     Celebration Circle has gathered in a variety of locations over the years, and we have been visited by many friends. Since our inception, we have had no membership requirements, believing that the designation of members/non-members creates a sense of division contrary to the consciousness of Oneness we choose to foster. 

Council of Stewards

     Celebration Circle is led by a Council of Stewards who guide us and consult on all major decisions. They are personally invested in the Circle’s growth and committed to full participation in fundraising, management, support and the work required to maintain our organization. Those currently serving as stewards are:

Michele Brinkley     Krista Delgado, Chair       Betty Franklin   

Karl Franklin      Leslie Goddard, PhD, Past Chair       KC James     

Jose Mojica     Mary Mosley, Secretary     Edward "Butch" Sagebiel     

Angel Santiago     

   Our COUNCIL OF STEWARDS, the governing body of the Celebration Circle meets monthly (sometimes but not always) on the third (sometimes but not always) Sunday afternoon, 2:30pm. Contact us for more information if you are interested in attending a meeting, working on a committee or serving on Council at circle@celebrationcircle.org.


The Celebration Circle of San Antonio Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation can be viewed here.