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Come Celebrate

Sacred Sundays
11 am @ Woodlawn Pointe

702 Donaldson, 78201
2nd + 4th Sundays 


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Celebration Circle is an inclusive, multi-faith community with a creative approach to spirituality. We gather to honor and nurture the Sacred in ourselves, each other and all of Creation. Everyone is welcome at our events.

Our Sunday gatherings include opening prayer honoring the four directions, a shared communal breath, a featured speaker, meditation, as well as poetry and music, always backed by the Mighty Mighty Circle Band.

Upcoming Speakers and Musicians

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 Words and Music

Celebration Circle Co-Founder Rudi Harst uses a rich blend of inspirational stories, songs, and meditation to reflect on the practical application of spiritual principles in daily life.

Rudi has enjoyed making people feel good with his words and music since childhood. He's a naturalized American citizen who was conceived in Borneo, born in the Netherlands, and raised in rural South Texas, where his Indonesian-Dutch parents immigrated in search of the American Dream when he was five years old. As a result, he grew up with an optimistic, global perspective that informs all aspects of his personal and professional life.

Shy by nature, Rudi began singing solos in the church choir at age six, and soon discovered that being on stage gave him a safe space to express himself and overcome his shyness. He sang the lead role of Amahl in a community theater production of the one-act opera, "Amahl and the Night Visitors" when he was eleven, but was soon converted to rock 'n roll the night he saw the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964 -- and he's been singing ever since.

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 On Relationships



Using a skillful blend of Native American, skillful teaching stories, and personal insight, Hal Robinson shares a process for making peace with ourselves by facing and embracing the voice of our Inner Judge. In addition to having been a respected Gestalt therapist for many years, Hal is the founder and director of the Dancing Bear Teaching Lodge, based in Kerrville, Texas. 

Robert " Robar " Adams is a well known San Antonio entertainer, and a live and recorded sound producer with 60 plus years of experience in the music industry. He performs in many local bands and co-host a weekly open mic. Robar prefers to cover great, well written songs and has a few of his own in his repertoire. He strives to make music that makes happy memories. 

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Wild Wisdom: Learn to Ride the Rapids of Life

MUSIC: Laura Stack

A contemporary reimagining of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone archetypes, HeatherAsh's latest book is a revolutionary, interactive guide that playfully explores the energies that make up the flow of our lives. Come learn how to balance these three energies: the creativity and abundance of Wild, the courage and power of Willing, and the gratitude and surrender of Wise. Join her and musician, Laura Stack, during this special collaborative experience. 


Best-selling author, mentor, land steward, and philanthropist, HeatherAsh Amara has spent the last three decades weaving together earth-based wisdom, mindfulness, and practical strategies. She is dedicated to fostering creative, courageous, and compassionate individual and community change.

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In Case You Missed It

Our talks and meditations are professionally recorded and available on our Youtube channel.

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Watch the
Entire Service

Watch one (or more!) of our gatherings from start to finish to experience all the components.


First Sundays at 10:00 am
BiblioCIRCLE on Zoom

We're a book club without a book!

Is there a book/movie/poem/virtual concert/recipe you have enjoyed that you'd like to share with others?

This is your chance! Join us once a month with a recommendation to share plus a few details about why you enjoyed it (or just hop on to listen!)


Third Sundays at 9:00 am 
DiningCIRCLE at Comfort Cafe North

Those with reservations by 3pm the previous Wednesday gather at
9 am on the 3rd Sunday to share a delicious brunch at  Comfort Cafe North (a recovery concept restaurant with a suggested minimum $15 per meal).

RSVP by the Wednesday prior to the 3rd Sunday at 3pm:

Looking for us on first and third Sundays?


In-Person Location

Woodlawn Pointe

Main Auditorium

702 Donaldson Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78201

(Across from Jefferson High School
in San Antonio's Deco District)

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Visit our RESOURCES page for recommended reading, meditations, and spotlight videos.

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