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SUNDAYS through SEPTEMBER 5 @11:00 AM CT

Through September 5 we will be ReCIRCLING. That means a shorter version of the Sunday morning Circle with a video replay of some favorite previous talks. You'll spend a little time with one of our Weavers as they invoke the Four Directions,  a poem will be shared and we'll sing Love Is The Only Power to close out the Circle. ​

  • July 25 - Dr. Dean Anderson - Human Consciousness and the Corona Virus

  • August 1 - Rev. Merry Shaver | The Cosmic Connection

  • August 8 - Heather Ash | The Inner Revolution

  • August 15 - Hal Robinson | The Enemy Way: Facing and Embracing Your Shadow Self

  • August 22 - Jane Goldstein | See The Light, Shine The Light

  • August 29 - Angel Santiago | Looking In The (Me)rror

  • September 5 - Rudi Harst | The Language Of the Heart

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