Small groups of people can do great things not because their minds are together but because their spirits are together, their ideas are together,

their hearts are together.    ~ Keshavan Nair

CFEE, Creative Director​

an artist, dancer, event producer and creative director who loves the challenge of working in a variety of media and venues.

Council Member

Good day! I'm TAM,

I Live to inspire!


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I started coming to Celebration Circle in 2007 after some big changes in my life.


began attending Circle in 1995,

and in 2015 made a spiritual commitment to fully participate

in the Circle.

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desire to connect and collaborate with others who are 
joy, peace, acceptance, and love which fuels her spirit.

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Celebration Circle came to me as a reminder that

“all shall be well.” 

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I stumbled onto Celebration Circle about 25 years ago.