Be Your Own Change Agent with Angel Santiago & Chris Taylor

June 7, 2020

Angel Santiago returns to the Circle to share how facing fear and uncertainty and making difficult decisions can lead to empowerment and freedom. Angel serves life as a catalyst for transformation.
With special music from Circle favorite, Chris Taylor.


June 14, 2020

Zet Baer shares her thoughts about current times and how we each have the potential for awakening and enlightenment. Music from Rudi Harst.


May 31, 2020

HeatherAsh Amara invites us to become love revolutionaries! We are in unprecedented times. How do we stay centered, creative, and deepen our relationships and inner work even during extreme situations? It means stepping up and choosing love over fear, discernment over judgment, and clarity over confusion.


May 17, 2020

Hal Robinson joins us virtually to talk about taking care of ourselves within the relationships in our lives. Hal Robinson returns with his unique blend of wisdom, combining the ancient Lakota traditions with the stalking of Gestalt Psychology. Hal has been helping others find spiritual solutions to life's everyday challenges and issues for 40+ years teaching us the tools to live a less reactive life with more peace and freedom.

AWAKENING THE SACRED HEART - Tina Karagulian & Laura Marie

May 10, 2020

The Sacred Mothers of our individual hearts as well as those of all traditions and communities are awakening us to compassionate action and inner transformation. Our welcome surrender is the green light for that action and transformation.

Tina Karagulian’s paintings, whether fashioning the mist of clouds or the horizon line where sea meets sky, or bringing to life the essence of a beloved person or bird, invite you to appreciate the majesty of our natural world and one another. Her Kundalini Yoga and collage class offerings awaken the joyful place within your hearts, to rest and to linger in contemplation, and to live with brightness the true essence that is you.

Special music from one of our Circle favorite singer/songwriters, Laura Marie who shares honesty and passion from her heart.


May 3, 2020

Zet Baer & Rudi Harst welcome guest speaker, Dean Anderson, Ed.D., will discuss how the Coronavirus can accelerate our human evolution to help us see solutions for this pandemic, as well as our larger social and environmental challenges. Dr. Dean Anderson, is a noted corporate consultant, speaker, author and CEO of Being First, Inc. He coaches executives and senior consultants of Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, and large non-profit organizations, helping them establish a high performing, co-creative culture that unleashes human potential.

YOGA: THE WAY TO UNION - Adam Tutor & Jaynee Weber

April 26, 2020

Presented by Mindfulness Musician Adam Tutor

Yoga is often perceived in the West as a physical practice and in some ways has departed from its original intention, set forth over 2,000 years ago in India. Come engage in a dialogue and musical presentation that explores how the original concepts of yoga can be applied in your daily life.
Special music by Austin singer/songwriter Jaynee Weber.


April 19, 2020

ROOTS & SHOOTS - Carrie Mills & Miami Litton-Palmer

Staying Healthy Now


Our guest Lawrence (Larry) M. Cohen, MD, in exploring ways to stay healthy right now. Since 1981, his consultation practice for adults, using functional and integrative  approaches, including homeopathy, clinical nutrition and counseling has used the best combination of traditional and alternative medicine and complementary therapies with people of all clinical problems, from the simplest to the most complex. Austin based poet Ayjshane Winslett will share her poetry. 

Zet with a short meditation


A short meditation I created to help bring you back to the awareness of your breath and remember that all is well in the current moment.

No More Gurus: Leadership in Modern Spirituality

February 23, 2020

Kiley Jon Clark is a Dharma-Facilitator at Woke-House Community Center. He has authored 11 books, available on Amazon. WOKE-HOUSE is a chill Meditation Center for the "Buddhish" at Heart! Nothing serious, just some Woke-Folks kicking back and enjoying life! Located at 6851 Citizens Pkwy, 2nd floor, 78229. Join them on Saturdays from 10:00 am - 12 pm for chanting, shrine-adoration, walking, and sitting meditation. For more info visit Weaving it all together are Kathy Barrios and Zet Baer. Special music from LauraMarie + the Circle Band.

Are You Living Your Dream?

February 16, 2020

Thom Ricks has spent his life following his passions for art and living by traveling the world, teaching, building, spiritually explorating, while inspiring and encouraging others. He has been a professional artist for 48 years. Thom lives, paints, creates and ponders in his studio, with partner Jodi and their dogs in the countryside near San Marcos. Special music from Dana Cooper, award-winning, Nashville-based singer/songwriter whose songs have been covered by numerous recording artists. A soulful singer and excellent guitarist, Dana was part of the legendary Shake Russell/Dana Cooper Band, among the pioneers of Americana music in the 1970's. He continues to be one of the leading writers and performers in the field, touring internationally -- and we're excited to have him sing in the Circle. Weaving it all together are Linda Cuellar and Angel Santiago with a meditation and poem from Zet Baer. And, as always our Circle Band.

Another Look At The Samaritan Story

February 9, 2020

Rev. Anna Gordy asks us "what does the Samaritan parable mean in our world today?" Weaving it all together are Mary Mosley and Zet Baer. With special music from guitarist and songwriter, Joshua Ray Summey, and the Circle Band.

Showing Up Isn’t Enough

February 2, 2020

Angel Santiago shares how we must show up in our own lives. It is said that 90% of success is just showing up. Is showing up really 90%? Or is it really only 10%? Angel is a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) with training in the art of Motivational Interviewing as well as Psychosynthesis Psychology. Angel is a catalyst for transformational change and helps you turn your personal conflicts into fuel for personal and professional growth. Weaving it together with Angel is Zet Baer. With special magical mystical music from Christian Reynoso who "makes love his life" on didgeridoo, hand pan and more.

Walking The Good Red Road of Relationships

​January 26, 2020

Hal Robinson returns to share his wisdom. Hal has been helping others find spiritual solutions to life's everyday challenges and issues for 40+ years. His work combining Lakota wisdom with Gestalt psychotherapy teaches us the tools to live a less reactive life with more peace and freedom. With music from the Circle Band plus special musical guest Jaynee Weber from Austin. Weaving it all together are Mary Mosley and Zet Baer.

Is It Going To Be Non-Violence Or Hate?

January 12, 2020

Keep The Dream Alive! Today we partner with DreamWeek 2020, whose mission is to celebrate our humanity by creating environments for civil and civic engagement to embrace ideas and dreams for the common good. We are joined by writer/activist Cary Clack, who writes about local and national news, events and social issues. He was a scholar-intern at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, and he wrote CNN commentaries for Coretta Scott King. He has also served as District Director for Congressman Joaquin Castro and Director of Communications for Mayor Ivy Taylor. In addition he worked for the nonprofit Merced Housing Texas. Last month, after an eight-year absence, Cary returned to the San Antonio Express-News as an editorial writer and Sunday columnist. Miami Litton-Palmer also shares about living a sustainable life. Music from Chris Taylor and the Circle Band. Weaving it all together are Mary Mosley and Zet Baer.

Rise And Shine

April 28, 2019

We are honored to have noted author and theologian, Matthew Fox, along with his team, Skylar Wilson, Jen Berit and Michelle Jordan sharing their vision for the Order of the Sacred Earth. Music by Rudi and the Circle Band.
“The world needs... an expansion of human consciousness that moves us beyond Tribalism to a consciousness of the whole.” ~ Matthew Fox

We Are One: A Guided Meditation

July 5, 2015

Rudi shares a moving version of "A Declaration of Inter-Dependence" written by Melanie Bacon, followed by a brief guided meditation focused on the Oneness of Life (accompanied by Ray Palmer, keyboard)


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