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Church Candles

2021 Sacred Art
of Altars Entries

Our thanks to each artist that contributed their divine inspiration for our 17th annual Sacred Art of Altars exhibit and auction. Hover over any image to see the alt text with the name of artist and name of the piece. Want to get involved next year? Email

Daniel Stoneham - Nature's Spirit
David Anthony Garcia - Serenity
Deborah A. Moore Harris - For The Love Of Coffee
Maria Garza - Café Para Dos
Emily_Blase - Save the Bees
Jiawen Chen - Safe Temple
Julie Cervantes - Sun, Roots, Stream
Laurel Gibson - Voyage Of Tranquility
Michael Madison - Man
Nicole Amri & Stephen Guzman - She Would Say
Raisa Melendez - Collores
Tam Corbette - Put Your Trust In You
Theresa Powers - Meditation Altar
Deborah Keller-Rihn - Ganesha, Remover Of Obstacles And Lord Of New Beginnnings
James Hendricks - A Noiseless Patient Spider
CeeJay Black - Alchemy
Alexandra Nelipa - Remember The Time_
Lynn Maverick Denzer - Flora And Fauna
Sandy Dunn - A Space For Reflection
Betty Franklin - Buddha Under The Bodhi Tree
Laura Schultz - Sacred Morning Ritual
Janice Joplin - Mask Up
Kathleen Baker Pittman - The Divine Feminine
Alexis Bierman - Love Wins
Kathy Miner - Joy
Jane Dunnewold - Chickadee Picnic
Shelby Langley - She Beckons Me Back To The Garden
Maria Garza - Café Para Dos
Anita Centeno - Don't Be Afraid Said The Butterfly, Change Is A Beautiful Thing
Joan Frederick - Rain Begins Above The Clouds
 Terry Ybanez - Angel Trumpet
Agosto Cuellar - Untitled
Bill Bonham - Serenity
KC James - Freed
KC James - Freed.2
Jane Bishop - Leda and the Swan
Jeff McDaniel - Witch Way
Waldinei (Wally) Lafaiete - Krishna Juhla
Suzanne Armstrong - RBG
Mark Hiebert - That is an odd place for the sky.
Carolina G. Flores - La Virgen de Zapopa
Zet Baer - Love and Compassion
Anna_Maria_Arrieta - Altar for the Angel Uriel and the 7th Chakra
Michelle Belto - Terra Incognito.
Thom Ricks - Within And Outside
Kathy Barrios - Bliss
Karl Franklin - Tabernacle
Lynn Young - Sacred Altar
Maria Alvarado 1
Daniel Klein - You Are The Hole In My Sole (You Are The Hole In My Head2
Marilyn Camp-Jones - Antler Whisper #8
Shea Daniel-Youngblood - A Window In Your Heart
Gloria Sanchez Hart - Desiderata
Rudi Harst - Pause and Remember- This Too Shall Pass
Bill Simons - Jump
Sofia Dabalsa - Season of the Witch
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