Are you ready to breathe with us?

7:30 pm

Meditation is the way back to ourSelves. Our society values fast-paced multi-tasking doing-ness as we are constantly confronted with stressful situations and over stimulated. Meditation is a valuable tool for finding the still small quiet place within ourSelves. 

It has been shown that consistent regular meditation improves our immunity, decreases stress and anxiety, and lowers blood pressure and inflammation. This is one way for you to connect to yourSelf, to cultivate a sense of calm, to experience feelings of compassion, and enjoy a more focused clarity. 

Do you want to experience these deep and meaningful benefits? Then join us Wednesday Night Meditation Circle. This meditation is well-suited to experienced and beginning mediators alike.


All are welcome. Free; donations accepted.


I look forward to Wednesday night meditation because it helps to bring me back to a state of inner peace, balance, and feeling of connection with myself, with others, and the world around me. The therapeutic effects of a shared, community meditation is a powerful experience for which there are no adequate, descriptive just have to experience it.    

— Alice Z

Abstract Lights

The Wednesday Night Meditation Circle brings me to a sense of peace and helps me to remember who I am in truth.  It’s opening up to the Divine within and the experience of being one with all that is and each other.  We are One. 

— Michael C


When it is safe to hold meditation in-person, this meditation is regularly held at the Quaker Meetinghouse

7052 N. Vandiver (at Eisenhauer)

San Antonio, 78209