One People, Many Paths: The Sacred Art of Altar2016

Celebration Circle’s 13th Annual Exhibit and Silent Auction of Handmade Altars

Click on an image to see the artist name and altar title.

The box all artists started with!
Suzy Armstrong
Lyn Belisle
Michelle Belto
Katherine Brown
Susan Calkins
David & Toby Caris
Bonnie Carson
Suzanne Cooke
Sofia Dabalsa
Sofia Dabalsa
Steve Daniel
Marisa DeBow
Carolina G. Flores
Sarah Ford
Betty Franklin
Karl Franklin
Karl Franklin
Joan Frederick
David Anthony Garcia
Marcus Garza
Teri Harrison-Wright
James Hendricks
Jon Hinojosa
Dawn Horten
Julie Jarvis
Jeannette MacDougall
Fontaine Maverick
Morgan Grey McCandless
Jeff McDaniel
Beverly Meyer
Kathy Miner
Kathy Miner
Momo & Pompa
Susie Monday
Susie Monday
Alexandra Nelipa
Lisa Nigro
Chris Odell
Cindy Palmer
Ray Palmer
Kathleen Baker Pittman
Theresa Powers
Terry Gay Puckett
Marcia Rae
Margaret Reyna
Ann Rice
Antonia Richardson
Michael Schroeder
Ron Schumacher
Chuck Squier
Dean Valibhai
Ellen White
Terry ybanez
Terry Ybanez
Jeannette MacDougall

Reverence for Impermanence

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